2017 event trends

Can you believe it’s 2017 already? Along with the New Year comes new trends that will impact the events industry. We have researched and predicted a few of what we think will be the biggest event trends this year and how they will affect how we manage events and what we can offer our clients.

Live Streaming

Technology is continuously at the forefront of our evolving industry and currently Virtual Reality is still very much the buzz word everyone is using, you can read about this in our technology blog here. However, this year we think it will be less about new technology and more about content creation. With the growing popularity of Facebook and Instagram LIVE it allows event organisers to create content in a more accessible and immersive way. Whether this is used to drive interest in physically attending an upcoming event or as a platform for sponsors to utilize, it is an effective, fun and really simple way of engaging audiences.


Alternative Venues

As the demand for event space increases in cities, there are opportunities for venues to repurpose themselves to meet the demand. Many venues have already adopted this approach making it possible to hire out museums, film studios and even power stations! There is a need to use space in a smarter way to reduce costs, meet attendee expectations and be sustainable. We predict and hope that there will be an increase in venues reinventing, creating more unique and exciting options to keep things fresh for our fantastic clients.

 Green Events

The colour experts at Pantone have predicted that the colour of 2017 will be ‘greenery’. A shade described as fresh and zesty that also has relevance to the current demand for more sustainable events, this colour has already been showing up in events including the Visa Lounge at the Rio Olympics. Using foliage at your event is a great way of adding greenery, we have used hedge dividers to split up a spacious room for a launch event and a floral and greenery wall as a dramatic photo backdrop at a luxurious wedding. Green can also be incorporated into catering; we find providing healthy green smoothies at events very popular, click here to read our blog on catering trends.

Personalisation and Customisation

Personlisation has become central to brand experience events and is an exciting way of engaging audiences or customers. So much of our every day lives are designed specifically for us, attendees expect the same from events. This could be interactive technology where attendees create their own designs for giveaways at events or as simple as custom-made cocktails based on guest preferences.  Heineken took this to the next level and let the crowd at a music event choose what track is played next by voting through a button on their bottles. We have an upcoming event where we supplied bespoke fortune cookies with personalised messages inside for a Chinese New Year themed launch event. So if you want attendees to remember your brand, make it personal so they won’t forget.

It’s set to be an exciting year filled with many creative events! We are looking forward to a busy year ahead working with our clients, old and new, to create some amazing events.